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GENX Women Building Confidence and Pimp Slapping Self Doubt



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Welcome to our Podcast, a sanctuary where you can tune in to hear interviews with ordinary individuals as they confront their fears and strive towards their aspirations. From actors to farmers, we’ve captured conversations with both men and women who share insights on goal-setting and achievement. Join us as they reveal their sources of motivation that propel them forward in their journeys.

Founded by Senetra McDuffie, the inception of the podcast idea happened quite some time ago. The name, though initially conceived as a joke, turned out to hold more significance than we ever realized. It embodies a term of endearment from Generation X, signifying the determination to overcome any challenges with resounding strength, striking down anything that dares to stand in our way. 


How to

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The beauty of our show lies in its flexibility, allowing you to listen at your convenience. My aim is to offer engaging conversations and relatable topics that resonate with you. In fact, I encourage you to send in your own topic ideas or even volunteer for an interview. This podcast is all about fostering a sense of community and collaboration, and I’d love to hear from you!!

Listen on all of your podcast listening platforms. Just look up GenX Women Building Confidence and Pimp Slapping Self Doubt or you can ask Alexa to play the podcast.

Your Host

Senetra McDuffie

Senetra is a Gen X, mom who decided to face her fears and self-doubts to become a podcaster.

She’s used to getting caught up in her feelings, self-doubt, regret, failed relationships, and not really pursuing a dream. It’s a generational curse not to follow your dream, and Senetra is determined to break that curse.

That’s why Senetra started the GenX Women Building Confidence and Pimp Slapping Self Doubt Podcast to share powerful stories/interviews of others who have taken the step forward, and practical advice on breaking limiting beliefs and reducing self-doubt.

Senetra McDuffie


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